Evaluation of test methods used to characterize fiber reinforced cementitious composites

Ieva Paegle, Gregor Fischer


This paper describes an investigation of fiber reinforced cementitious composites in terms of their behavior under tensile and flexural loading. Flexural testing and subsequent derivation of the tensile stress-deformation response from the flexural test data are preferred in the assessment of the tensile properties of Fiber Reinforced Cement Composites (FRCC) over the direct measurement of the tensile behavior because of the more convenient test setup and ease of specimen preparation. Three and four-point bending tests and round determinate panel test were carried out to evaluate the flexural response of FRCC. The assumptions made in the inverse analysis on the formation of cracking suggested in many standardized evaluation methods and established correlation methods have a strong influence on the results of the conversion from flexure to tension. In this paper, the formation of cracking and crack development have been quantitatively documented using a digital image correlation (DIC) system to investigate the validity of the commonly made assumptions.


FRCC, standard testing, flexural testing, direct tension, DIC

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DOI: 10.7250/iscconstrs.2014.20


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