Methodology of experimental research of cold-formed steel members

Tatiana Nazmeeva


Now erection volume of pre-fabricated energy-efficient buildings and constructions based on the technology of frame house building using light steel thin-walled structures is steadily rising, which gives us an opportunity of economical use of limited fuel-and-power resources. C-shaped profile and C-shaped notched profile are used as frame members. The author of the article has been carrying out a research on light steel thin-walled structures. The author of the article developed methodology of testing and designed two testing beds С-12 (1200mm/20t) and В-50 (2200mm/50t) to carry out experimental investigations. Numerical solution of stability of a thin-walled member made of C-shaped profile was developed during the numerical simulation done in PLM Femap 10.1 Nastran.


cold-formed profile, testing bed, local buckling, methodology, strain-gauge, thin-walled members, numerical simulation

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DOI: 10.7250/iscconstrs.2014.18


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