Numerical investigations of waved ribs shape’s influence on specific stiffness of a plate

Girts Frolovs, Kārlis Rocēns, Jānis Šliseris


This article shows numerical investigations of ribbed plywood panels with top and bottom plywood flanges and a core of curved plywood ribs. It is possible to vary with stiffness in transverse direction of a plate by changing form of panel ribs. This property can be described as structure’s or material’s level of anisotropy or the other results are describable as specific strength or stiffness (to mass of whole construction). The numerical simulation of plywood structure is done by using classical linear Kirchoff Love theory of thin plates and Finite Element Method. The various results depending on chosen variables (according to strength-stiffness criteria) plywood composite macrostructure is obtained for one span panel. Results show that by increasing number of waves it is possible to decrease level of anisotropy and by changing parameters of waves stiffness in transverse directions could be increased and these results can be used for creating ribbed panel design guidelines. It is proven that these parameters remain constant at different panel height. All FEM calculations were done by 3D ANSYS software.


Plywood composite plates, structural optimization, numerical investigations, curved ribs

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DOI: 10.7250/iscconstrs.2014.05


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