The Scientific Journal of Riga Technical University

The Scientific Journal of Riga Technical University comprises publications by RTU researchers and doctoral students as well as by researchers from different institutions in Latvia and abroad.

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Economics and Business

The articles of the series focus on general national economic development problems in Latvia as well as specific areas of economic activities researching factors which promote or hamper economic development. The authors of the articles are academics and doctoral students of RTU.

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Environmental and Climate Technologies

Environmental and Climate Technologies is a scientific journal published by Riga Technical University. The Journal ensures international publicity for original research and innovative work. A variety of themes are covered through a multi-disciplinary approach which integrates all aspects of environmental science:

  • sustainability of technology development,
  • cleaner production,
  • zero emission technologies,
  • end of pipe production,
  • eco-design,
  • life cycle analysis,
  • eco-efficiency,
  • environmental impact assessment,
  • environmental management systems,
  • greenhouse gas emission reduction and climate technologies,
  • waste management,
  • renewable energy sources,
  • solar, wind, geothermal, hydroenergy,
  • biomass sources: algae, wood, straw, biogas, energetic plants and organic waste,
  • methodologies of the evaluation of sustainability,
  • quality of outdoor and indoor environment,
  • environmental monitoring and evaluation,
  • energy efficiency in buildings,
  • low energy buildings,
  • zero energy buildings.

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EUNIS 2013 Congress Proceedings

This issue includes papers presented in the 19th EUNIS congress "ICT role for Next Generation Universities". All included papers were reviewed by EUNIS 2013 Program Committee.

ISBN  978-9934-10-433-6 - online

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