Digital Transformation and The Changing Shape of Quality Management Practices

Gaļina Robertsone, Inga Lapiņa


The main purpose of this paper is to explore how digital transformation influences and changes quality management practices adopted by the organisation. The methodology employed in this study is qualitative content analysis with open coding of selected literature followed by an empirical study in three logistic companies. Quality management practices related to leadership and culture, strategy, customer focus, improvement, relationship management, organisation and people, decision-making and processes are likely to transform with the integration of digital technologies. Innovation and digitalisation itself have all prospects to become a new addition to the core quality management concept. This study reviewed the general influence of digital transformation on quality management practices. The impacts of particular digital technology integration, such as blockchain, Internet of Things, robotics, etc. on quality management practices were not considered. The future research can be conducted on aspects of digitalisation of quality management systems and on the role of quality management practitioners in digital transformation. This study could be beneficial for the managers of organisations and quality professionals considering different aspects of digitalisation and adoption of digital technologies in their companies. This paper adds to the general knowledge about the relations between quality management and digital transformation which are not studied widely enough in the existing literature. The findings of the study provide a new insight on quality management in the light of digital transformation.


Digitalisation; Digital Transformation; Industry 4.0; Quality 4.0; Quality Management; Quality Management Practices

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DOI: 10.7250/scee.2021.0009


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