Different Models of Career Reinvention and Retooling in The Post-Pandemic Era

Lukman Raimi


To contribute to human capital development in readiness for the Post-pandemic era, this paper discusses different models of reinvention/retooling as a resilience strategy in the face of vulnerabilities in the labour market. Using a critical literature review (CLR), this paper discusses different models of career reinvention/retooling, including the imperatives in the Post-pandemic era. At the end of the CLR, three insights emerged. First, the twelve (12) different models of career reinvention/retooling in readiness for the Post-pandemic era are task, position, knowledge, occupation, expertise, technical skills, attitude, brand/value, conceptual skills, competencies, managerial skills and entrepreneurial skills. Second, the different models of career reinvention/retooling are imperative because of environmental factors such as economic recession, pandemic/epidemic organisational downsizing, outsourcing, change management, mergers & acquisitions, the emergence of new technologies, globalisation waves, demographic shifts, climate change, migration, and disruptive business models in the labour market, among others. Third, career reinvention/retooling requires tripartite collaboration from critical stakeholders, particularly governments, employees, and business organisations. The paper concludes with policy, managerial and theoretical implications, and suggestions for future research.


Career reinvention; Retooling; Human capital development; Post-pandemic Era; Models

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DOI: 10.7250/scee.2021.0008


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