Cellulose Fibres Used in Building Materials

Nadezda Stevulova, Viola Hospodarova


The paper presents application of cellulose fibres in a pulp form from waste paper to mortar or plaster. The pulp from waste paper substitutes a part of inorganic filler or binder in cementitious composites. The characterization of properties and use of mortar or plaster mixtures as well as wood pulp fibres used in cement-based materials is presented in the article. The results of testing the technically important parameters (density, water resistance, coefficient of thermal conductivity, tensile strength at bending) of composites which were obtained by compiling the available works are summarized.


Cellulose fibres; dry plaster mixtures; pulp; recycled paper; composite

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DOI: 10.7250/rehvaconf.2015.031


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