Effect of Physical Treatment on the Properties of Composites Based on Natural Fibres

Ivana Schwarzova, Nadezda Stevulova, Eva Terpakova, Jozef Junak


Due to the low density and high porosity of the hemp hurds, the combination of hemp and binder creates a building material with good thermal and acoustic insulation properties. Today hemp hurds can be used in high-quality products such as hemp concrete, fibre board and composites.
In this paper, the attention is given to the study of the properties of lightweight composites based on modified hemp hurds as filler and MgO-cement as binder. The cohesion of the filler and of the binder is an important factor in the development of mechanical properties. The impact of ultrasonic treatment of hemp hurds and its cooking in water for 1h on the physical and mechanical properties (compressive strength, density, water absorbability, thermal conductivity) of the composites hardened in indoor condition was studied. The observation is also focused on the influence of the hemp hurds length. The durability of produced composites was studied under different conditions.


Composite materials; hemp fibres; physical treatment; testing properties

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DOI: 10.7250/rehvaconf.2015.030


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