Optimization of Solar Cooling System in Latvia

Janis Shipkovs, Peteris Shipkovs, Andrejs Snegirjovs, Kristina Ļebedeva, Galina Kashkarova, Lana Migla, Vidas Lekavicius


The paper presents optimization of Solar Cooling System in Latvia using the modelling of solar cooling system which was created by dynamic simulation program. The model is similar to the existing real solar cooling system in the Institute of Physical Energetics. The precision of the model was tested by comparing it with real equipment. Simulations were carried out using metrological data of different European countries. Simulation results, dependency of heat carrier average temperature and proportion of energy from pump to the system were collected and analysed. Different element location of solar cooling system was compared in two models. Annual cool production of solar cooling system was defined.


Solar energy use; solar cooling system; thermal-driven chiller

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DOI: 10.7250/rehvaconf.2015.027


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