Solid Particle Emission Abatement from Biomass-Fired Boilers in District Heating Plants

Egils Dzelzitis, Aldis Jēgeris, Agnese Līckrastiņa, Normunds Talcis


Biomass combustion technologies have undergone rapid development during the last decades to become environmentally friendly. In order to evaluate the particulate matter formation and emission into the atmosphere, the measurements have been done in three wood biomass medium-scale district heating plants using different combustion technologies and various types of particle abatement equipment. The study shows similar solid particle formation in the boilers if they are operated at full load and favorable combustion conditions. The abatement units properly operated can reduce the particle emissions down to 40% from the maximum calculated limit.


Biomass; district heating plant; particulate formation; particulate abatement

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DOI: 10.7250/rehvaconf.2015.022


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