Evaluation of Exhaust Gas Condensing Economizer Installation at Riga CHP Plants

Aris Zigurs, Maris Kunickis, Maris Balodis, Olegs Linkevics, Ilmars Stuklis, Polina Ivanova


In this study, passive exhaust gas condensing economizer installation is evaluated at Riga CHP plants No. 1 and No. 2 to increase efficiency of heat only boilers (HOBs). Five options are investigated: two options for Riga CHP plant No. 1 and three options for Riga CHP plant No. 2. The study provides the analysis of HOBs operation statistics, determination of HOBs operation trends, development of production programmes, as well as economic and sensitivity analysis of the considered options. Based on economic analysis, the best option for installation of passive exhaust gas condensing economizer for Riga CHP-1 and Riga CHP-2 was chosen.


CHP plant; condensing economizer; dew point; exhaust gas; HOB; latent heat

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DOI: 10.7250/rehvaconf.2015.021


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