Development of a Hardware-in-the-Loop Test Method for Heat Pumps and Chillers

Werner Stutterecker, Thomas Schoberer, Gernot Steindl


The work presents the development of a Hardware-in-the-Loop test method which enables the solving of integrated energy design problems at a system and concept level for the heat and cold supply of NZEBs based on electrically and thermally driven heat pumps and chillers. The main result is the realization of a test rig consisting of hardware (e.g. thermally driven chiller, or heat pump etc.), of software (e.g. LabView, TRNSYS) and the interface for the interaction of hardware and software.


Heat pumps & Chillers; Building Simulation; Hardware-in-the-Loop test method

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DOI: 10.7250/rehvaconf.2015.017


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