Improving Energy Efficiency of a Refrigeration System with a Rankine Cycle and an Expander

Alison Subiantoro


A method to increase energy efficiency of a vapor compression refrigeration system by using a Rankine cycle and an expander is studied. The systems studied include the R134a and the transcritical CO2 cycles with a 5 kW capacity. The working fluids of the Rankine cycle are R134a, propane and R123. The available heat input power is 1-5 kW. The results show that in the R134a and CO2 systems, 18-40% and 30-67% improvements of Coefficient of Performance (COP), respectively, can be achieved. The method is particularly attractive if there is abundant waste/free heat to be utilized.


Vapor compression; energy efficiency; expander Rankine cycle

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DOI: 10.7250/rehvaconf.2015.016


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