Evaluation of Indoor Environment in Apartment Buildings Before and After their Refurbishment

Dušan Petráš, Veronika Földváry, Hana Pustayová Bukovianská


The objective of the study is to analyse and evaluate the indoor environment of the apartment buildings before and after their refurbishment. Thermal comfort and indoor air quality were taken into consideration based on both objective and subjective evaluation. Thermal indoor environment was evaluated in six blocks of dwelling buildings situated in Slovakia. Evaluation of the thermal indoor environment was based on the recording of the indoor temperature and the relative humidity before and after refurbishment. The subjective evaluation was based on a questionnaire survey, which includes data such as the thermal perception, inhabitant’s behaviour and personal background of 244 respondents living in the buildings before refurbishment and 236 respondents living in the buildings after refurbishment.


Energy retrofitting; thermal comfort; indoor air quality; occupants´ behaviour

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DOI: 10.7250/rehvaconf.2015.003


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